1. Your site must have unique content. For example, only affiliate links will not be accepted.
2. Your site must be built for real visitors. This means that the design should be clear, no broken links, easy navigation etc.
3. Title: Just your brand or domain name. Title like "Short term loans" will not be accepted, even if your website is called so.
4. Description: Describe what your website offers. Use a descriptive language, no advertising copy. The text must be unique.
5. Only websites in English are allowed.
6. Try choosing a category as deep as possible.

- We will charge for reviewing your site. So this means that it can be denied, if it does not follow the guidelines above.
- We reserve the right to change your title and description to fit the guidelines.
- Affiliate sites are listed just as the others. But make sure it has unique content, that is created for the visitor. Unfinished sites, will not be listed.

Currently there is no possibility to refund any payments.

Step One Choose a Category: